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CONTEST TERMS Facebook & Instagram

General terms of participation in competitions by Pellachrom on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

Subject of competitions – Organization

The company organizes promotions – competitions through our Facebook and Instagram page, and invites users of its page to join their Facebook and Instagram profile that they have already created there. By sharing a photo, answering a question, or taking part in a Facebook and Instagram contest posted by the company and participating in sweepstakes.

Gifts – Sweepstakes

The contest prizes will vary and the winners will be announced on the company's Facebook and Instagram page. Each participant contestant can only emerge once as a winner and receive only once his/her gifts. Each participant is entitled to multiple participations in the competition if it is stated that this possibility exists. Each entry will be included in the sweepstake. At the end of the competition, there will be a sweepstake between all participants. The winners of the contest do not have the right to appoint a surrogate person to receive their gifts nor to ask for their exchange with money or other replaceable things.
For any communication about the contest, participants can contact us by email: . After the sweepstake, if it is not possible to contact the winner for any reason up to seven (7) working days from the date the winner has been selected (including the Lucky and the force majeure), then the organizer shall be exempt from any obligation towards the specific winner.
The Organizer reserves the right to announce the name of the winner via Facebook and Instagram. By participating in the competition, participants give their consent to the above announcement of their names. In the absence of any controversy, no participant shall be counted or entitled to be a final winner in accordance with these terms, unless the delivery of the prize has been completed in accordance with the provisions herein. Any publication of a sweepstake result or a person's name alleged as a winner on the contest website does not make the result final nor does it establish any claim of that person.

Explicit declaration – consent – acceptance on behalf of the participants

All persons with permanent residence in Greece may participate in the competitions if they have reached 18 years of age and have full legal capacity.
The employees of Pellachrom, as well as their relatives of the first (A΄) degree and their spouses, are excluded. All participants in the program accept fully and without prejudice to these terms of use. If someone does not accept the terms of use should not participate in the program.
Also, all participants acknowledge, declare and accept explicitly and unconditionally that:
(a) Their personal data in this promotion may not belong to a third person or entity, but to themselves.
(b) is over 18 years of age.
(c) Their personality Its not going to be offended or diminished in any way by their participation in the promotion of the organizer in which they will participate with their personal data, as published on his Facebook profile and Instagram.
(d) Do not offend personal data or the right of personality of any third party;
(e) Do not affect intellectual property rights of any third party
(f) expressly give their consent to the organizer's so they can use and process their personal data (name, telephone, e-mail address) in order to serve the competition.
(g) Provide their consent and authorization to the organizer for the promotion of the competition and its results through the printed and electronic press and the Internet throughout its duration. The Organizer reserves the option to use and publish any news relevant to the conduct of the competition.
(h) Confer the consent and authorization for the advertising exploitation of any relevant event, without the obligation of prior update or payment of compensation. The organizer also reserves the right to publish audiovisual material from the sweepstake and the delivery of the prizes.

Personal Data – explicit consent – Regarding the organizer

The participation of each person in the competition recommends unconditional consent to the use of data for the creation of a personal data file by the organizer.






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