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For D.G.K. Pellachrom, respecting the environment is an imperative need and, thus, our company is eager to play an active role in the protection of the environment, fighting against activities, which are detrimental to the environment.

Our company focuses its efforts on:

  • minimizing liquid waste
  • developing environment-friendly products during manufacturing and use, as well as during disposal (e.g. chemically treated residues)
  • creating new premises and complexes with the least possible impact on the environment
  • advising users on the environment-friendly use and disposal of the products
  • implementing preventive measures for the elimination of hazardous incidents.

In view of the above, equipped with the necessary manpower and possessing the necessary funds, D.G.K. Pellachrom is in constant contact with the users and all interested parties to whom this policy is available.

For the successful implementation of this policy, the participation of the company’s personnel is imperative. The company’s personnel, which is adequately informed and undergoes constant training, are called upon to perform their duties on a daily basis in a responsible manner, non detrimental to the environment.

Limiting the impacts to the environment has always been one of D.G.K. Pellachrom priorities.

Currently, through the development of the Environmental Management System per ISO 14001, our company aims at better organizing its efforts towards this direction.

The goal of our company is to improve its environmental performance on a yearly basis.ISO14001 02

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