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Apart from its activities on the Greek market, since 1993 D.G.K. Pellachrom is developing dynamically and successfully the field of Exports thanks to its ultra-organized department. Today, the company maintains continuous operations in the Balkans, Europe, North Africa and in more developed markets such as the United States.

The approach to foreign markets has a strong interest and a particular strategic perspective. The company's high-quality products comply strictly with current standards. Production is carried out in accordance with all safety rules and good manufacturing practices (G.M.P), thus leading to international recognition and the creation of a powerful brand.

The company's Export Sales Department remains next to its customers through frequent visits to their facilities, by keeping a regular phone communication and by providing all necessary information and technical advice on the use and application of our products.

In addition, we have an open invitation to all our foreign customers to visit our facilities, to present them our range of products or exchange opinions and ideas.
D.G.K. Pellachrom opens up to foreign markets by intensifying its promotional activities and maintaining its commitment to the development and promotion of high-quality products bearing the Greek seal and which successfully represents our country abroad.




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