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D.G.K. Pellachrom was established in 1981 with the aim to provide high quality products and services in decorative and marine coatings.

The company is seated in Rizari area, Edessa, Greece. Its premises cover a surface of 29.000m² where the production and storage areas are housed in 3.500m² installations.

Thanks to its huge range of quality products, D.G.K. Pellachrom offers complete solutions to protect and decorate your surfaces, satisfying the most specific needs.

The high quality of the products represents the point of comparison and excellence, ensuring the competitiveness of the company. Quality is guaranteed by rigorous controls at all levels of the production process. With a high environmental awareness and an undeniable social sensitivity, the company promotes products that are respectful for the user and the environment.

One of the fundamental principle of the company is to maintain the reputation of its credibility, so any action is done in a responsible way. For this, D.G.K. Pellachrom is equipped with a high-tech inventory management and order planning system to fully meet customer requirements, maintaining their confidence.

With the aim of a continuous improvement, the company stays constantly inform about new technologies advances by investing in research, new equipment and a qualified dynamic team.
Finally, D.G.K. Pellachrom who has taken advantage of his great experience, is continuing his dynamic development in the field of export, and contribute to the recognition of the productive power of the country and to the strengthening of the Greek entrepreneurship worldwide.









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